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Perth Ceiling Contractors, North & South of the River

Ceilings at some stage will require repairs from sagging or natural wear and tear. Not all ceiling fixers and ceiling contractors in Perth however are the same and the quality of your ceiling repair job will reflect upon the ceiling fixer company you choose. This choice will reflect the lifespan of this restoration. At Northshore Ceilings, we have been in the business for over 15 years and have the experience to ensure your ceiling is completed correctly to last for years and years to come. No matter whether it is a ceiling repair, wall repair or cornice repair, we can service your location in Perth’s Northern Suburbs or Southern Suburbs with your needs.

Quoting of Ceiling Repair Work

Most cases, your ceiling will need to be repairs due to either old age or as a result of an event such a storm damage or water damage causing the ceiling boards to be compromised. There are multiple different methods to installing and repairing an ceiling as is by a case by cases basis. We will identify the damage and choose the most cost effective and correct way to proceeding with your ceiling repair and quote you upon that.

Our Ceiling Fixing Process

We have a team of professional and experienced ceiling fixers to complete the best repair possible, whether due to leaking pipes or air conditioner, storm damage , old age, cracked tiles and everything in between. Our repairs are carried out in many way, including propping up of the ceiling and re-strapping to less extreme measures like cutting out the compromised section of ceiling and patching the hole. Most cases however, the repair usually requires ceiling joins or cracks to be repaired. We maintain a multiple coat plaster solution to ensure a job that will last and at the best quality.

We can also provide you with other repair specialists we work with including painting, electrical and carpentry services so you can relax while we co-ordinate the job for you.


How Long do Ceiling Repairs Take?

This usually depends on the extent of the job and the amount of damage that the ceiling has but we try to complete all jobs from half a day to 2 days avoiding you any inconvenience. Some cases we will need to come back to sand the next morning and then vacuum to leave the area just as it was prior to repairs.


Sagging Ceilings

Sagging Ceilings happen naturally from ceiling aging usually and is from the ceiling boards detaching from the ceiling joists. It is important to get on top of this before additional damage occurs to the ceiling.

A sagging ceiling is a sign of unstable structure and requires a professional ceiling fixer to evaluate it. For any signs of sagging ceilings at your residential property, commercial property or real estate property, contact us today. We will organise for one of our ceiling fixers to visit your property as soon as possible and assess the damage and recommend a solution.

The Most Trusted Ceiling Fixers

It is important that you choose a trusted professional for your ceiling repairs and replacements and by choosing our team of professional ceiling contractors at Northshore Ceilings in Perth and WA, you will have peace of mind that your job will be completed properly. No matter the service, our ceiling fixers will provide you with the guarantee of a ceiling that will last the ages. 

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