Ceiling Cornice Installation & Repair Perth

Northshore Ceilings are Perth’s specialists in ceiling cornice installation, repair and restoration.

Perth’s Ceiling Cornice Specialists

Ceiling cornices not only add tremendous visual appeal to your home – they also serve a vital role in keeping the inside of your home sealed.

If your home doesn’t have ceiling cornices, or your existing cornices are looking a little worse for wear, Northshore Ceilings can help. We understand that a simple cornice can make a massive impression on your home, and even increase the value of your property.

At Northshore Ceilings, we can assist with:

  • New ceiling cornices to modernise your home
  • Repair cracked ceiling cornices
  • Plaster cornices for restorations

One of the leading causes of damage to ceiling cornices is amateur installation. However, you can avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements and future-proof your home by working with Perth’s ceiling cornice specialists.

Our specialists can perfectly install ceiling cornices that will last for years to come. Call us today to book your professional installation.

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Ceiling Cornice Installation & Replacement Perth

If you want new ceiling cornices installed, or your existing cornices are starting to look worn, dated or damaged, Northshore Ceilings can help. We offer a range of ceiling cornice installations and replacements to keep your home looking clean and modern.

Northshore Ceilings also specialises in removing old, damaged and outdated cornices and replacing them with new fresh cornices, giving the room a fresh, vibrant look. You’d be surprised by the difference new cornices make!

For a quote on our ceiling cornice installations or replacements, contact Northshore Ceilings today.

Benefits of Ceiling Cornices

There are many benefits of installing ceiling cornices:

  • Ceiling cornices seal the edges of fresh, new walls or ceilings and make a big impression on a room.
  • Especially with large rooms that have high ceilings where corners are lost in the dark, creating a dark, unwelcoming effect. Curved edges will brighten a dark room by reflecting light to dark areas.
  • Patterned cornices create a visual effect with light and shade, making small rooms seem larger.
  • Cornices will also conceal openings between your ceiling and walls, ensuring anything from bugs to rodents can’t get in from the outside.

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Ceiling Roses & Rosettes Perth

If you’re looking to add dignity and class to your home, ceiling roses and rosettes are a common choice. These ceiling adornments can be used to complement a range of hanging fixtures like lights, chandeliers and fans.

Adding ceiling roses to your home will add significant value and visual appeal. Contact the Northshore Ceilings team to book your installation today.

Whether it’s for practical or aesthetic reasons, ceiling cornices are an excellent addition to any home. To book a quote, contact the team at Northshore Ceilings today.

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Ceiling Cornice Repair Perth

Cornices will commonly get damaged when your ceiling is also damaged, meaning we commonly perform both ceiling and cornice repairs.

Common causes of cracked cornices in Perth include:

  • Moisture in the air
  • Movement in the foundation
  • Wooden supports shrinking and expanding
  • Poor installation
  • Age

You will see this visually through cracks or detaching of the cornice from the ceiling. If your cornice is coming away from the ceiling or wall, it’s a sign you need repairs urgently.

If you experience this issue, call Northshore Ceilings today, and we can restore the ceiling with the cornice to its former glory.

Cornices that require repairs can also indicate that there are other issues present in your ceiling. If so, we will assess the situation and recommend a solution, saving you future pain.

Call Northshore Ceilings today to repair your damaged ceiling cornices and bring your ceiling to life.

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