Ceiling Cornices Perth

Call Northshore Ceilings today to repair your damaged ceiling cornices! Don’t let it detract from your home decor.

  • We strive to bring your cornices back to life and have them looking as good as new with our ceiling cornice repairs in Perth.
  • Damaged and partially attached cornices not only effect your home asthetic, but also are a safety hazard.
  • Cracked ceiling cornices can be an indicator of an underlying issue.
  • We will assess the area before repairing the ceiling cornice to determine the cause of damage and any safety risks.


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Ceiling Cornice Installation Perth

Ceiling cornices seal the edges of fresh, new walls or ceilings and make a big impression on a room. Especially with large rooms that have high ceilings where corners are lost in the dark creating a dark, unwelcoming effect. Curved edges will brighten a dark room from reflecting light to dark areas. Patterned cornices are used to create a visual effect with light and shade and can make small rooms seem larger. Cornices will also conceal cracks commonly occurring along joints with the wall and ceilings.

The Perfect Ceiling Cornice for Your Perth Property

Northshore ceilings specialise in the removal of old, damaged and outdated cornices and replace them with new fresh cornices giving the room a fresh vibrant look. You can choose between fancy, decorative cornices based on your personal preference for the look of the room and smaller cornices for smaller sections of ceilings including manholes etc. 

A simple cornice will make a massive impression in your home and increase the value of your property.

Ceiling Cornice Repairs

If you experience a damaged ceiling, often the cornice will get damaged also which can lead to cracking and a detached cornice with an unappealing look. You can count on Northshore Ceilings to adhere to your cornice repair and restore the room to perfection.

Cracked, warped and ceilings starting to come away from walls can be a sign of an underlying issue with your ceiling or cornices. We can assess the situation of the ceiling and recommend you also with the best possible solution or cornice repair so no further ceiling repairs will be required in the future.

Don’t let a damaged ceiling cornice take away your property asthetic. Call Northshore Ceilings for cornice repairs!

For the best quality ceiling cornice installation, our professional team at Northshore Ceilings will guarantee a massive difference to home aesthetic and structure. We will seal the joints in your ceiling and wall with our cornice installations which will prevent bugs, moisture and everything else from entering between exposed cracks.

Most new homes will go for the simple while cornice designs for a minimal look but you have multiple options with us in terms of designs for your home or office with modern, heritage inspired or traditional looks, protecting the structure of your home.

For more information or a quote on our affordable ceiling cornice installations or repairs Contact Northshore Ceilings or call us today on 0439 674 952