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Northshore Ceilings are Perth’s leading ceiling fixers for a full range of repair and renovation services.

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If your property is suffering from crumbling, water damaged or sagging ceilings, the professionals at Northshore Ceilings are here to help.

As experienced ceiling repair specialists, we understand the potential risks associated with damaged ceilings. Damaged ceilings aren’t just a cosmetic issue, as they impact your safety and the structural integrity of your property.

It’s only natural to feel anxious and stressed when your property is at risk. Although sagging, cracked, or water damaged ceilings are severe problems, a ceiling repair specialist like the team at Northshore Ceilings can restore your ceilings.

Our professionals will take care of a range of ceiling repairs and replacements for your new home. This includes drywall repair, plastering, flushing or ceiling replacement.

We can also take care of sagging ceiling repairs, propping & re-strapping ceilings, ceiling restoration or ceiling replacement requirements.

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Water Damaged Ceiling Repair

If you have a water damaged ceiling, it’s essential to act fast.At Northshore Ceilings, we have years of experience dealing with water damaged ceilings. We’ll work quickly to assess the damage and create a plan to repair or replace your ceiling.

Sagging Ceiling Repair

Between age, water damage and poor installation, sagging ceiling issues are all too common in Perth. If you’re dealing with a sagging ceiling, the best thing to do is to call in a professional for an assessment, like the team at Northshore Ceilings.

Gyprock Ceiling Repair

Gyprock ceilings are a staple in Perth for their strength and durability, but they can still be damaged by impact, weather or age. As one of the leading gyprock ceiling repair specialists in Perth, we have the expertise to fix any damage to your gyprock ceiling, no matter how large or small.

Plaster Glass Ceiling Repair

Older plaster glass ceilings are susceptible to sagging thanks to wear and tear, storm or water damage. Northshore Ceilings specialises in plaster glass ceiling repairs and restorations, perfect to refresh a run-down Perth property.

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Ceiling Restorations & Ceiling Replacement Perth

Over time, ceilings will eventually require restoration work due to age, weathering or damage caused by internal or external factors.

This happens to many older properties in Perth where replacing entire ceilings may be required to modernise or even fix old ceilings. This includes replacing cornices or repairing plaster ceilings.

Not only can this detract from the look and aesthetics of your home, but it can also create potential safety hazards. This is why you should trust the experts at Northshore Ceilings to provide high-quality results for your home.

We will use methods to restore and make your ceiling look new and modern again, adding value to your home. Whether you need renovations on your home or to restore ceilings in an older Perth property, we can take care of your requirements.

Features such as ornate cornices and roses will try to be preserved upon ceiling restoration, as they add character – the perfect finishing touch to your home renovation.

Northshore Ceilings is committed to providing a professional outcome, no matter how big or small the job is. We strive to provide a timely service and leave your property clean after restoring your ceiling.

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Ceiling Insurance Work Perth

For any insurance work required for your ceilings, give us a call at Northshore Ceilings. Our professional ceiling fixers will do an immediate review to locate the source of your ceiling damage.

We can subsequently create a report listing damages made, what precisely caused the damage and the cost for those repairs. You may also need to get in touch with your insurance provider to ensure you are insured for the damages reported.

Although it depends between insurers, the types of ceiling repairs covered by insurance include:

  • Storm damage
  • Leaks and partial cracks from plumbing 
  • Water staining 

However, ceiling repairs not usually covered by insurance include:

  • Damage from age over time 
  • Internal fires 
  • Poor maintenance 
  • Structural damage caused by poor installation  

Northshore Ceilings will also advise you if anything is causing additional internal ceiling damage and if any additional work will be required.

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