Ceiling Replacement & Ceiling Repair Cost in Perth, Western Australia

Looking for the cost of replacing a ceiling or repairing a ceiling in Perth? You can find the average cost and prices for a range of ceiling jobs below.

  • Sagging Ceiling Repairs
  • Propping Ceilings & Re-Strapping Ceilings
  • Ceiling Replacement
  • Ceiling Restorations
  • New Ceiling Installation and
  • Ceiling Cornice


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Cost to Replace Ceilings in Perth

Northshore Ceilings specialise in repairing and salvaging ceiling in Perth before a complete replacement will be necessary. Our ceiling repair experts are able to fix ceilings to the highest of standard bar none. In a circumstance where a ceiling may not be salvageable, your mind can be at ease knowing our experts provide the best ceiling replacement efficiently, effectively and at a cost efficient price. We have over 15 years experience in ceiling repairs and replacements and our workmanship speaks for itself.

Our affordable ceiling replacement and ceiling repair pricing in Perth, Western Australia ranges from $500 – $5000 which will depend on multiple different factors upon quoting.

Below is a rough guide on ceiling repair costs:

– Small Job requiring minor repairs, patching or paint work – $500

– Medium Job requiring ceiling repair or ceiling restoration services – $1000 – $2000

– Major Job requiring larger scale ceiling repairs or ceiling restorations or a complete ceiling replacement – $2000 – $5000

Ceilings begin to sag due to age and can happen from 5-7+ but this depends on quality of the craftsmanship and construction of the ceiling fixer you use and in worst cases ceilings have required repairing again in as little as under a month due to a poor construction job.

Other pricing factors in ceiling repairs and replacements include cornices where the ceilings connect such as bedroom cornices where it is considered a singe ceiling.

A lounge room ceiling however that connects to multiple areas of the house including kitchens to hallways to dining rooms may require more work in completing. We will usually cut the ceiling at the joining points and then patch that so that it will blend in creating an unnoticeable repair. 

Depending on how early you get onto a ceiling issue will also weigh in on how much your repair job will cost, the earlier the better as the issue with continue to become worse, especially with sagging ceilings.

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Sagging Ceiling Repair Cost

One of the most popular methods in ceiling building in Australia involves gluing and screwing materials together and it is then the failure of this glue that causes the start of a sagging ceiling often around 5-7+ years. With modern ceiling repairs, strapping is the best solution because it is a lot more sturdier in construction over re-gluing and just screwing it also tends to just give you the exact same problem later on down the track. For these reason we prefer strapping of a ceiling.

The sooner a sagging ceiling is attended to, the less the repair will cost. $500 in the minimum price for a smaller sized ceiling and varies in price depending on size but also how long the ceiling is left to sag as this increases the time taken to fix.

This is because the more it is left to sag the more of the ceiling will crack requiring additional work and time to fix it to new again. $2000-$5000 is the average price for a total replacement. Contact us today about receiving a quote on any sagging ceiings you may have.

Water Damaged Ceilings Repair Cost

Factors such as Leaking pipes, storm damage and air conditioning leaks can cause ceilings to become water damaged where you will see patches of water marks stains or small cracks caused by too much water leaking into the ceiling.

A minor patch job usually costs between $150-$300 where as a job requiring us to cut out the section of damaged ceiling and patch it will cost around $250-$500. Major damages caused by storms can cause the ceiling to start sagging which leads to a build up of mould often noticed by stains and in some cases, a hole depending on how compromised the ceiling becomes.

Creating a small puncture in the ceiling with a screwdriver upon this situation arising in recommended as it will drain the water and remove the weight from the ceiling. This should be done as soon as you notice the water damage and in worse cases, we can attend to your property within 48 hours and replace the entire ceiling at a cost of $2000-$5000.

We provide major and minor ceiling repair work as no job is too big or too small for our professionals at Northshore Ceilings. For a complete and free quote on how much it costs to replace a ceiling or how much it costs to repair a ceiling in Perth and Western Australia, contact us today by filing in our contact form or call us directly on 0439 674 952.