The Northshore Ceilings professionals offer a wide range of gyprock repairs and gyprock ceiling repairs and installations in Perth. Gyprock is a preferred material by designer professionals, contractors, installers, designers, architects and industry sector professionals.


Plasterboard, which is often referred to as ‘drywall’ is made from calcium sulfate dehydrate and is manufactured with a machine. Sometimes Gyprock is made of addatives, however, usually just pure calcium sulfate dehydrate. Gyprock board is generally pressed amongst a facer and a backer which is made up of thick sheets of paper. Gyprock can be utilised with building of ceilings and walls.

Our Australian Gyprock is manufactured to the Australian AS2588 standard.

Advantages of utilising Gyprock in Perth

·        Gyprock is not as pricey

·        Can be utilised for many diverse jobs

·        Lightweight

·        Easy usage and can be applied to a Range of various surfaces

·        Significantly less labour intensive

·        Faster installation

·        Recyclable

·        Safe material that is highly Suggested by business professionals

THE DIFFERENT Gyprock Systems

Optimised Core, is a new technology manufactured by Gyprock, which offers vital functionaly gains developed to match all the purchasers needs and specifications. It is lighter and utilises additional strength. This is usually referred to as Gyprock Plus. Northshore Ceilings uses Gyprock Plasterboard for a wide range of usages including residental and commercial due to it being the best available product.

Gyprock can be used for a do it yourself job or utilised by our professionals at Northshore Ceilings in any room of your home. You can depend on our Gyprock for strength and looks, the most suitable plasterboard choice in Perth.

Our professional team is ready to take care of any Gyprock installations.  For your protection and peace in your mind, we are completely insured and extend competitive and affordable rates. Contact us today to find out more information.

our plasterboard range

  • Wet area, moisture resistant plasterboard
  • Fire retardant plasterboard
  • Perforated plasterboard
  • Acoustic plasterboard
  • 10mm standard plasterboard 
  • High impact plasterboard
  • Premium plasterboard
  • Recessed edge & square edge plasterboard