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Northshore Ceilings is the leading choice for Gyprock installation services in Perth, covering all your plasterboard wall and ceiling requirements.

Premier Gyprock Installers in Perth

Northshore Ceilings offers a wide range of Gyprock repairs and Gyprock installations in Perth. We cater for all new home and renovation projects across the Perth metropolitan area, north of the river or south of the river.

Northshore Ceilings has you covered for any Gyprock solutions required with our professional and highly trusted team of experts. Our team has years of experience working with Gyprock plasterboard products, covering all styles of Perth property.

From ceiling repairs to wall installations, we have the tools and skills necessary to handle any Gyprock project. When you work with professional Gyprock ceiling fixers at Northshore Ceilings, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that our work is impeccable.

Backed by years of industry experience, we’re proud to provide the best Gyprock installation services in Perth. The work our expert team does is fast and flawless.

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Why use Gyprock Plasterboard?

Gyprock is the most popular plasterboard used in Perth today. It’s easy to see why: Gyprock is fast to install and much more cost-effective than any other ceiling solution.

Gyprock is one of the most versatile construction materials in the world. This unique type of plasterboard can be used for everything from ceilings to partition walls and everything in between.

Advantages of utilising Gyprock in Perth include:

  • Very cost-effective material
  • Suitable for many different types of jobs
  • Lightweight to transport
  • Easy usage and can be applied to a range of various surfaces
  • Significantly less labour-intensive
  • Faster installation times than alternatives
  • Recyclable for sustainable construction
  • Safe material that is highly recommended by industry experts

When it comes to your ceilings and walls, working with experienced professionals using high-quality plasterboard products is essential.

At Northshore Ceilings, our Australian Gyprock is manufactured to the Australian AS2588 standard.

Gyprock Ceiling Installation Perth

Northshore Ceilings’ capable ceiling fixers are experienced Gyprock ceiling installation specialists in Perth.

Gyprock ceilings can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a new ceiling option or covering an existing ceiling. For both new and existing properties, installing plasterboard delivers a new, modern look.

Poorly installed ceilings can cause long-term problems, so it’s important to choose a trusted Perth ceiling contractor. When it comes to the roof above your family’s head, working with professionals you can trust is essential.

When it comes to the safety of your family and the value of your home, don’t rely on second best: contact the professionals at Northshore Ceilings. On every installation, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading knowledge on the best practices for installing and finishing Gyprock ceilings.

Working with us makes your Gyprock ceiling installation fast, affordable and hassle-free. Call us today to book your free quote.

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Gyprock Wall Installation Perth

At Northshore Ceilings, we’re Perth’s leading professionals in Gyprock wall installation. We have the knowledge and tools to successfully finish all aspects of drywall fixing and flushing.

With our practical experience, we can show you the difference between a defective drywall installation, compared to our professional installations. In addition to that, we have extensive experience with acoustic installations and wall insulation. Both techniques can make a massive difference to your living environment when applied properly.

When it comes to Gyprock wall installations, choosing the right plasterboard product for the environment is critical to ensure your property lasts the test of time.

At Northshore Ceilings, there are two main products we use in wet areas. The first is Villaboard, a compressed concrete often installed in bathroom and laundry walls before full-height tiling is laid.

The other product we use is Gyprock Aquachek, which can be identified by its blue-coloured paper facing properties. This is a gypsum plasterboard together with all the internal, face and back treated to make it resistant to humidity. Gyprock Aquachek has minimal water absorption characteristics compared to standard Gyprock, eliminating and preventing the prospect of future water damage.

Installing a Gyprock wall quickly adds utility and value to your home. Get in touch with us today for your free custom quote.

Gyprock Repairs Perth

Gyprock is very common and popular because of its strength. However, it can still be affected by age and weathering over time, especially if exposed to the elements.

If you notice any cracks or structural issues with your Gyprock, contact Northshore Ceilings. We can come to your home and assess the situation to avoid more extensive damage to your walls or ceilings.

Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth

External factors that can cause issues in your Gyprock include water damage, a common issue in Perth that leads to Gyprock ceiling repairs.

Our Gyprock ceiling repair specialities include:


Need high-quality Gyprock ceiling repairs in Perth? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The Northshore Ceilings team will promptly attend to you and provide a high-quality Gyprock repair on your home.

Learn more about our ceiling repair specialties below:

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Gyprock Wall Repairs Perth

From small patch work in apartments to a larger scale job, Northshore Ceilings can deliver on all your Gyprock wall repairs. We are also experienced in repairing water damaged walls if you’ve experienced storm damage or a water leak.

Our Gyprock wall repair specialities include:

  • Removing water damaged sections of Gyprock walls
  • Repairing Gyprock wall cracks
  • Replacing sections of damaged Gyprock
  • Covering and repairing screw holes

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Why Choose Northshore Ceilings for Gyprock Installation in Perth?

Although Gyprock is a versatile product, it doesn’t mean you can rely on just anyone to install it. As Perth’s leading wall and ceiling professionals, we’re constantly called in to repair poor quality plasterboard installations from other contractors.

That’s why you need to work with seasoned experts if you want long-lasting Gyprock installations in your home. When you want the highest quality of work, Northshore Ceilings are the Perth ceiling fixers you can trust.

Every Northshore Ceilings installation is completed to the same unmatched quality we are known for. Northshore Ceilings is here to provide you with professional Gyprock ceiling installations or repairs in Perth, no matter the issue or cause.

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