Ceiling Installers Perth

Install your new ceiling with our experts at Northshore Ceilings.

  • Sagging Ceiling Repairs
  • Propping Ceilings & Re-Strapping Ceilings
  • Ceiling Replacement
  • Ceiling Restorations
  • New Ceiling Installation and
  • Ceiling Cornice


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New Ceiling Installations Perth

Northshore Ceilings has you covered for all aspects of ceiling repairs, new builds and commercial. Our professionals will take care of a range of ceiling repairs and installation aspects for your new home build ceilings including ceiling rose installation, cornice installation, drywall repair and installation, plastering, flushing or ceiling replacement. We can also take care of sagging ceiling repairs, propping & re-strapping ceilings, ceiling restoration or ceiling replacement requirements for you.

Our client service and outstanding job quality is a testament to our work ethics at Northshore Ceilings. This is the reason we are very commonly sought after and known in Perth.

Northshore Ceilings are really competitive in pricing, we pride ourself on giving you the best quality job possible. Our New Ceiling Installations will restore your ceiling to its former glory including insulation and plastering applied.

Install Your New Ceilings With The Northshore Ceiling Guarantee

We provide you with complete comprehensive ceiling replacements and will run you through everything from designing to installing your new ceiling ensuring you will have a ceiling that will last years after.

If you are looking to have a new ceiling installed from trusted ceiling installers in Perth for your home or business, contact us or call us today on 0439 674 952