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Plaster glass ceilings can be found in countless homes across Perth. Even though they’re an older material, they can also be found in modern homes, as they last longer than the standard Gyprock ceilings.

However, as resilient as plaster glass ceilings are, they don’t last forever. Over time, a plaster glass ceiling will eventually require restoration work. Not only can this detract from the aesthetics of your home, but it can also create potential safety hazards.

Over time, plaster glass ceilings can start to buckle, sag and fall. This happens to a lot of older properties in Perth, where it’s easy to assume the whole ceiling should be replaced. While this can modernise the property, it’s also possible to re-strap and repair some damaged ceilings to avoid a full replacement.

When you need plaster glass ceiling restoration, you can trust our experts at Northshore Ceilings to provide cost-effective and extremely high-quality results for your home!

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Plaster Glass Ceiling Repairs Perth

Plaster glass ceilings add charm, style and sophistication to any home. However, over time, the straps holding the plaster glass ceiling can break away, causing the ceiling to sag, crack and, in some cases, collapse.

Our plaster ceiling repair and restoration services include:

  • Plaster glass ceiling re-strap 
  • Sagging plaster glass ceiling repairs
  • Repair of cracks in plaster glass ceilings
  • Plaster ceiling hole repairs
  • Patching plaster ceiling 
  • Plaster glass ceiling replacement 

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Our Plaster Glass Ceiling Repair Process

Proper maintenance of plaster glass ceilings gives a lifespan of up to 50 years with no sagging issues. However, if the ceiling does have issues with sagging due to the Perth climate, Northshore Ceilings can help.

Our plaster ceiling fixers will inspect your sagging fibreglass ceiling before proceeding with the required repairs. This consists of fiberglassing the sheets to the internal beams, which is done through the roof and propping up the damaged room’s ceiling pre-fibreglass.

We have seen multiple ceiling “specialists” complete the job by re-screwing the plaster glass ceiling. This should never be done, as screws are designed for gyprock ceilings and not plaster glass ceilings. If this method is used, the screws will crack through the plaster glass ceiling under the weight of the construction.

We repair fibreglass ceilings as they were installed all those years ago, which is the best and only way to do it properly.

  1. The ceiling is propped back in place from inside the room of the sagging ceiling and then from inside the roof space.
  2. Insulation is moved to prepare for the repair.
  3. The section of the ceiling is cleaned where the new fibreglass straps are being laid.
  4. When the straps are dry, the timber props are removed, and your ceiling is now safe and secure.
  5. All major cracks are then patched up and sanded, ready for painting.

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