Sagging ceilings are a frequent occurrence as construction ages and matters start to break or beams start to rot. Sagging ceilings can be an indication of a range of issues such as materials starting to eroded and break over time, plasterboard losing strength and temperature fluctuation causing materials to expand and contract.

Another frequent cause could be a water leak inside the roof. Storm water and dampness gathers in to the roof cavity and creates puddles effecting the plasterboard.  This also leads to mould on the Gyprock, causing the unpleasant staining and warping.

It’s recommended to get our sagging ceiling repair pros at Northshore Ceilings to carry out these repairs before the ceiling completely collapses. We will replace the sagging ceiling with a brand new one or repair the damaged ceiling by propping the ceiling up and reinforcing the ceiling with fibreglass grout.


  • A bow at the ceiling
  • The appearance of holes
  • Cracks on the top or bottom of the cornice
  • The joints are visable
  • Gaps in the plasterboard and the ceiling’s roofing trusses
  • Noises such as pops and cracking from the ceiling
  • Motion in the ceiling if applying pressure to the plasterboard