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Northshore Ceilings is Perth’s leading expert in sagging Gyprock and plaster glass ceiling repairs.

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Is your ceiling sagging? Age, poor installation and Perth’s unique climate are all leading contributors to sagging ceilings.

Sagging ceilings are a regular occurrence as construction ages, materials start to break, or beams start to rot. Sagging ceilings can indicate various issues, like materials starting to erode and degrade over time, plasterboard losing strength, and temperature fluctuation causing materials to expand and contract.

Not only are sagging ceilings unsightly, but they can be dangerous. Although sagging ceilings are serious, they can be repaired. Having a professional ceiling fixer repair your sagging ceiling will ensure its strength, keeping you and your family safe.

Northshore Ceilings is the leading name in sagging ceiling repairs in Perth, WA. Depending on the condition of your property, we will replace the sagging ceiling with a brand new one or repair the damaged ceiling. By propping the ceiling up and reinforcing the ceiling with fibreglass grout, it may be possible to avoid a full replacement.

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Sagging Plasterboard Ceiling Repair Perth

Is your plasterboard ceiling starting to sag? Be warned; a sagging ceiling is always dangerous.

Early signs of sagging ceilings include:

  • A bow in the ceiling
  • The appearance of holes
  • Cracks on the top or bottom of the cornice
  • Visible joints
  • Gaps in the plasterboard and the ceiling’s roofing trusses
  • Strange noises like pops and cracking coming from the ceiling
  • Movement in the ceiling when applying pressure to the plasterboard

A frequent cause could be a water leak inside the roof. Stormwater can gather in the roof cavity, creating dampness and puddles, affecting the plasterboard. This also leads to mould on the Gyprock, causing unpleasant staining and warping.

If you see any of these ceiling problems, don’t leave it any longer. Get peace of mind by calling the ceiling repair specialists at Northshore Ceilings.

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Sagging Plaster Glass Ceiling Repair Perth

Plaster glass is a resilient ceiling material that, when properly maintained, can last decades. However, not all ceiling fixers are made equal, and not everyone knows how to properly handle and repair sagging plaster glass ceilings.

If you have plaster glass ceilings that are starting to sag, it’s vital that you work with ceiling repair specialists that know what they’re doing. Our plaster glass repair techniques deliver long-lasting results to refresh your sagging ceiling.

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When your ceilings start to sag, it’s hard to know how long you have until they collapse and do irreparable damage. When you need someone who can work quickly and efficiently, there’s no other choice than the team at Northshore Ceilings.

We have been repairing sagging ceilings in Perth for years. This means we have an unmatched understanding of how the local climate affects plasterboard and plaster glass long-term.

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