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Commercial fit outs and suspended ceilings in Perth for projects and business

We install suspended ceilings for all types of business and government buildings, any establishment that requires the improved insulation, hygiene and appearance. Suspended ceilings will also reduce noise and fire hazards.

At Northshore Ceilings we provide commercial fit outs including door frames. With us, you receive a total service without getting tied down with labour resources and can guarantee practical completion time frames. Whether you are a head contractor, project manager, or independent developer we have the experience and team for site requirements.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are an economical and effective ceilings for business premises and facilities with a large surface area. Our professional team has the experience to hang a ceiling to specification and at an affordable price.


Contact us for an Estimation on commercial and government tenders around WA.


Need partitioning for a new development or reconfigure an existing work area? We have the experience, supply and labour capabilities for partitioning for a new development or reconfiguring of an existing work area to any project design from intricate to economical.

Demolish & Make Good

We provide demolition services to make good for existing tenancies.

Fit outs

We provide office fit outs for commerical premises ranging from wall, ceiling, window frames, door frames, and any other associated trade work with our project management experience.


Below is our range of suspended ceilings services including:

  • Suspended ceilings / dropped ceilings
  • Fixed ceilings
  • Fire rated wall and ceiling system
  • All types of private sector work
  • All types of government work
  • All types of maintenance work
  • Demolish and make good existing tenancies
  • Water resistant plasterboard
  • Perforated plasterboard
  • High impact plasterboard
  • Acoustic plasterboard
  • Architectural¬†plaster work
  • 10mm & 13mm plasterboard