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Ceiling Restoration Perth

Is your home in need of an upgrade or are you looking to modernise your home. Northshore Ceilings can help! Northshore Ceilings offer cost effective and clever solutions for all your cornice, ceiling and drywall needs.

Old properties most of the time will have old style ceilings that are a major feature of the house and over the years, these ceilings continue to deteriorate with age and crack, sag and peel. Much of the character ceiling can be lost upon replacement which is why we strive to restore these old ornate ceilings to their former glory. The utmost care is taken to ensure the features aren’t damages and provide a perfect restoration using modern ceiling methods.

Whether its renovating or restoring your home, let us take care of your requirements and maximise the value of your house with a professional outcome.

Cornice Restoration

Ornate features like cornices, roses or mouldings are preserved and restored as they add value to the home for a future buyer seeking character ceilings. When we restore these older ceilings, we will repairs cracks to the mouldings, cornices or mouldings for a high quality finish to your ceiling restoration.

We take time and attention to detail to restore these ceilings and will keep you updated on completion time and leave your property clean and tidy with a new restored ceiling.

For any water damager, wear and tear or a cost estimate on restoring your ornate ceiling in Perth, contact us today or call on 0439 674 952.