Is your home in need of an upgrade or are you looking to modernise your home. Northshore Ceilings can help! We can cover your existing brick internal walls with Gyprock and replace the cornice to enhance your living space. We can also build a suspended ceiling across your existing pitched ceiling to truely modernise your home. Northshore Ceilings offer cost effective and clever solutions for all your cornice, ceiling and drywall needs.

Major renovations

Northshore are always up for the challenge of a renovation from a wall not straight to a do it yourself gone wrong. When renovating, it usually is a very dusty exercise. At Northshore Ceilings our team clean up at the end of each day and supply our own drop sheets to protect your furniture.

Whether its renovating or restoring your home, or a suspended ceiling. let us take care of your requirements and maximise the value of your house with a professional outcome.


  • All insurance
  • Ceiling Re-screw
  • Repair of Water damaged plasterboard
  • Repair or Replacing of Sagging ceilings
  • Repair of Residential wall and ceilings
  • Repair of Commercial wall and ceilings
  • All types of maintenance work
  • Repair of Plasterboard cracks
  • Holes in plasterboard filled and¬†finished
  • Replacing Stained suspended ceiling panels
  • Repairs of vandalised plasterboard surfaces
  • Emergency plasterboard repairs 24/7
  • Complete replacement of plasterboard sheets
  • Face-Brick Cover-Up