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From small patch work in apartments to a larger scale job, Northshore Ceilings can deliver.  We have got the knowledge and tools to successfully finish all aspects of drywall fixing and flushing. We are also experienced in repairing water damaged ceilings and walls.


Our practical experience can reveal to you the difference between a defectively constructed drywall compared to a professional installation of a dry wall.  In addition to that, we have further extensive experience with acoustic installations and wall insulation.  Both techniques can make a huge difference to your own living environment when applied properly.


There are two main products we use in wet areas. The first is Villaboard. Villaboard is compressed concrete and is installed in bathroom and laundry walls before full hight tiling is laid.

The other product we use is Gyprock Aquachek and can be determined by its blue-coloured paper facing properties. It’s a great product if it’s applied exactly as it was created to be used.  Gyprock Aquachek can be a gypsum plasterboard together with all the internal, face and back treated to make it resistant to humidity.  Gyprock Aquachek has minimal water absorption characteristics compared to standard Gyprock, eliminating and preventing the prospect of future water damage.