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Unfortunately, it’s all too common for Perth’s climate to cause water damage issues. This can cause water and mould stains on the ceiling, and these signs should never be ignored. If left, this can even cause a collapse by causing ceiling panels to buckle.

The longer water damaged ceilings are left without professional repairs, the worse they can get. What can start as a sagging or buckled ceiling can quickly become a collapsed ceiling or a mould infestation.

If your ceiling is starting to crack, warp, sag or change colour, you need to speak to a ceiling repair specialist right away. At Northshore Ceilings, we pride ourselves in our fast response to correct all of your ceiling issues. Be assured we can take care of all your ceiling repair needs.

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What Causes Water Damaged Ceilings in Perth?

The rainy climate of Perth can cause ceiling issues to happen more frequently. Even if you haven’t experienced heavy rain or weather, there’s a range of other things that can cause water-damaged ceilings.

Even a leaky pipe can eventually cause severe damage to your ceilings. Whether water leaks through your roof or from a broken pipe, this will result in water damage, as the water collects in one spot with no drainage. In ceilings, this happens most frequently along a join.

This will usually lead to ongoing trouble with your ceiling, including serious structural integrity problems. At Northshore Ceilings, we recommend you have your ceilings assessed if you suspect water damage.

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Signs of Water Damaged Ceilings

If your ceiling is starting to fade, change colour or crack, it might not be due to age; it could be due to water damage. Stains, drips, bubbly plaster or mould usually indicate that your ceiling has water damage.

Water damaged ceilings can be nasty, especially when it causes discolouration from the dampness to the ceiling. The quality and strength of the ceiling material will be degraded from the ceiling water damage and cause mould growth.

Before long, that discolouration and dampness can turn into a safety hazard, as water damaged ceilings could collapse on you at any point. With the risks to your health and safety that water damaged ceilings pose, you can’t afford to ignore the signs of water damage.

If you see any of these signs, you should deal with them immediately and have your ceiling repair carried out. Don’t wait until it’s too late – schedule an appointment today for a free professional quote.

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What to Do About Water Damaged Ceilings

If you are experiencing water damage, you will first need to locate the leak inside the roof. If you can’t locate the leak, place a bucket below the drip to catch the water and poke a hole through the area to stop water from gathering and limit the water damage.

It’s not recommended you leave this issue for an extended amount of time. If the issue isn’t addressed, it can lead to a collapsed ceiling, and will run you an even greater cost than intervening before this happens.

Once you notice water damage on your ceilings, it’s vital to contact a ceiling repair specialist right away. The longer the issue is left untreated, the more dangerous and costly it becomes.

If you’re looking for professional input, the team at Northshore Ceilings can help. Take back your peace of mind and speak to a ceiling repair specialist today if your ceiling has signs of water damage.

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How We Repair Water Damaged Ceilings

When we arrive at your home or business, we first identify the source of the water damage. Once we have identified the cause, we then assess the extent of the damage.

Inspecting the extent of the damage allows us to understand how severe the damage is, whether it poses an immediate safety risk and how we will approach the repairs as efficiently as possible.

With a firm understanding of your situation, we can get started on the repairs itself. We use state-of-the-art equipment backed with decades of industry knowledge to repair water damaged sections of your ceiling and leave it looking brand new.

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Why Choose Northshore Ceilings for Ceiling Water Damage Repair?

When it comes to the dangers of water damaged ceilings, it’s important to work with a reliable ceiling repair specialist. Nothing is more important than the knowledge that your ceiling isn’t going to collapse on you, which is why thousands of Perth home and business owners choose to work with the team at Northshore Ceilings.

With years of experience, our team is licensed and trained to handle all water damaged ceiling repairs, from smaller homes to corporate offices and everything in between.

With an impressive turnaround time and a spotless record, working with us puts your ceiling repairs in the right hands.

At Northshore Ceilings, we pride ourselves on providing the best water damaged ceiling repair services in Perth. Call us today to book an assessment.

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