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Established in 2009, Northshore Ceilings Wall and Ceilings Repairs Perth Company was created to provide ceiling repairs, ceiling replacement and wall services to the residential market in Perth, Western Australia. Each job completed by our Ceiling Fixers is unique, our qualified and dedicated team will take the time to provide you with the best solution for each individual job. We facilitate gyprock repairs, wall and ceiling repairs in new builds and renovations, cornicing, sagging ceilings, water damaged ceiling repairs, ceiling maintenance & patching, commercial needs, ceiling replacements, and any job in between requiring our professional Ceiling Fixers. We service both Perth Northern Suburbs in all aspects of ceiling repairs and Perth Southern Suburbs in ceiling repairs.

Water Damaged Ceiling Repairs

It’s often around Perth’s winters that your old ceilings may start to show signs of water damage and require immediate repair before they end up collapsing.

If you’re experiencing any water damage to your ceilings, give us a call today and we can come out to assess the damage and quote you up at an affordable price.

Ceiling & Wall Renovations

Not only can we repair your ceilings or fix your gyprock walls, but our ceiling repair professionals can complete a broad range of tasks ranging from ceiling replacements, gyprock repairs, ceiling insulation and wall insulation, bulkheads, ceiling lifting, sagging ceiling repairs, ornate ceiling repairs, ceiling re-strapping, as well as fireplace installations & face brick and exposed beam cover ups and gyprock stud walls.

New Home Builds

We specialise in all ceiling related aspects in new home build. We are professionals in fitting and installing ceilings in your new home including walls and anything gyprock related. If you have a home being built, call us today for a quote and assessment on installing your ceiling.

Gyprock Ceiling Repairs

Any holes that you notice in gyprock ceilings are a sign that it requires immediate repairs before the damage becomes even worse.

Call our processionals straight away, we will assess the situation and damage and quote you on any repairs needed.

Ceiling Replacement

Add extra value to your home when selling it by having your ceilings replaced and walls repaired and done properly.
Old, aged, cracked ceilings can be dangerous and it is a possibility it can fall at any moment. Our ceiling repair professionals can be there asap to examine and give you advice on the optimal way to cure that cracked ceiling or sagging ceiling repair required. We can quote then and there and be working on the job as soon as possible. 

Plasterglass Ceiling Repairs

If you’re starting to notice any cracks and flaking visible with your plaster glass ceiling, that is as sign that your plaster glass ceiling needs assessment and possibly repaired by our plaster glass ceiling repair specialists. Not only will the visual aesthetics of your property be degraded but will cause deterioration of nearby walls and become hazardous.

Sagging Ceiling Repairs

When a ceiling starts to sag, that is a hazardous ceiling state that indicates that the ceiling is on the brink of collapsing.

Contact us today and we will be there as soon as possible for assessment and immediate repairs.

Northshore Ceiling Repairs Guarantee

We have an established reputation based on quality, value and exceptional client service, so not matter whether you require a Sagging Ceiling Repair, Gyprock Repair, Plaster Glass Ceiling Repair or anything in between, we have you covered.

Northshore Ceilings are one of Perth’s top ceiling repairs provider, and offer professional and affordable ceiling repairs and ceiling replacements for homes and properties whether it be residential or commercial establishments.

The Best Ceiling Repair Business in Perth

At Northshore Ceilings we pride ourselves on being the absolute most reputable and long-standing family ceiling repairs businesses in Perth.

With our long standing reputation, we make use of the most effective materials and have the best ceiling professionals in Perth. Each project will always be completed at Australian standards and in a timely, clean and professional manner.
We focus on all sorts of Ceilings including Plaster Glass, Lath, Plaster, Ornate and any other materials. Northshore Ceilings will complete your ceiling repairs, ceiling installation, ceiling replacement or ceiling maintenance required with the best possible service.

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Customer Service

Northshore Ceilings have years of knowledge in the ceiling repair industry which is a testament to our high quality work completed.

Our professional team are reay to provide a solution for you for all types of ceiling fixes, plaster, and wall repairs.



We prefer to talk to our customers every step of the way instead of cutting corners and giving our customers unrealistic deadlines.

We pride ourselves on honesty in the business.


Family Business

Northshore Ceilings is a family owned and operated business based in Perth, Western Australia.

We take pride in our brand and work ethic, working to complete all jobs at the highest of quality and standards.



We know how important deadlines are to have your home structurally sound in a fast manner.

We provide realistic deadlines and keep you updated every step of the way for a seamless service delivery.



Our quality of work completed is to the highest level and the highest quality materials are utilised ontop of the experience of our team which is why our clients trust us to do the job right.



All of work completed by Northshore Ceilings is covered by a full guarantee for peace of mind.

See our testimonials below from our copious amounts of customers who are satisfied with our high quality workmanship.

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Northshore Ceilings pride ourselves in completing your ceiling repairs at the highest quality standard which is why we only use the best quality construction materials for all our ceiling repair, wall repair and renovation jobs. Our Gyprock is of high quality while utilising USG Sheetrock for cements and flushing materials and Rondo – Wall & Ceiling Systems for metal works requirements for jobs requiring dropped ceilings, metal frames and bulkheads.