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Perth Ceiling Repairs – Perth’s Ceiling Repair Specialist!

Established in 2009, Northshore Ceilings Wall and Ceilings Repairs Perth Company was created to provide ceiling repairs and wall services to the residential market in Perth, Western Australia. Each job completed by our Ceiling Fixers is unique, our qualified and dedicated team will take the time to provide you with the best solution for each individual job. We facilitate gyprock repairs, wall and ceiling repairs in new builds and renovations, cornicing, sagging ceilings, water damage, ceiling maintenance & patching, commercial needs, ceiling replacements, and any job in between requiring our professional Ceiling Fixers.

New Home Builds

We specialise in all ceiling related aspects in new home build. We are professionals in fitting and installing ceilings in your new home including walls and anything gyprock related. If you have a home being built, call us today for a quote and assessment on installing your ceiling.

The Northshore Ceiling Repairs Guarantee

We have an established reputation based on quality, value and exceptional client service, so not matter whether you have a Gyprock repair, sagging ceiling, plaster glass repair or anything in between, we have you covered.

Get the extra advantage if you’re considering selling your property.

Add extra value to your home when selling it by having your ceiling and walls repaired and done properly. Our friendly family owned and run business extend the following ceiling repair services:

  • Water Damaged Ceiling Repairs
  • Mould Removal
  • Roof Repairs
  • Ornate Plaster Glass
  • Insurance Jobs
  • Gyprock & Plastering
  • Ceiling Re-Strapping
  • Ceiling Rejuvenation
  • Carpentry Services
  • Painting & Maintenance
  • Ceiling Lifting
  • Ceiling Replacement

Old, aged, cracked ceilings can be dangerous and it is a possibility it can fall at any moment. Our ceiling repair professionals can be there asap to examine and give you advice on the optimal way to cure that cracked and sagging ceiling. We can quote then and there and be working on the job as soon as possible. Northshore Ceilings are one of Perth’s top ceiling repairs provider, and offer professional ceiling repair or ceiling replacement for homes and properties whether it be residential or commercial establishments.

More About Our Ceiling Repair & Ceiling Replacement Services in Perth

Not only can we fix your ceilings and gyprock walls, but our ceiling repair professionals can complete a broad range of tasks ranging from ceiling replacement, gyprock repairs, ceiling and wall insulation, ceiling lifting, bulkheads, ceiling re-strapping, sagging and ornate ceiling repairs as well as fireplace installations.

Plaster Home Repairs

Any cracks and flaking in your plaster glass ceiling is an indication that it needs to be assessed and possibly repaired by our Plaster Glass ceiling specialists. Not only will it degrade the beauty of a property but can also cause deterioration of nearby walls and become dangerous.

Gyprock Ceiling Repairs

Any holes in gyprock ceilings are an indication that it requires immediate repairs and if so, call our processionals straight away, we will assess the situation and damage and quote you on any repairs needed.

Sagging Ceiling Repairs

A sagging ceiling is a hazardous ceiling state that indicates that the ceiling is on the brink of falling out.  Contact us and we will be there as soon as possible for assessment and immediate repairs.

The Best Ceiling Repair Company Perth

Northshore Ceilings is the absolute most reputable and long-standing family ceiling business in Perth, with a reputation to maintain, we make use of the most effective materials and have the best ceiling professionals in Perth. Each project will always be completed to Australian standards and in a timely, clean and professional manner.

We focus on all sorts of Ceilings; Gyprock, Plaster Glass, Lath and Plaster, ornate and ALL other materials.  You can expect us to complete your ceiling repairs, installation, replacement and maintenance with the best possible service.

We provide excellent service and competitive pricing with quality products. No job is too big or small. Call now for an obligation free quote.


Customer Service

We have years of industry and trade knowledge with our professional team to provide the solutions needed for all types of ceiling, plaster, and wall fixings.

Family Business

Northshore Ceilings is a family owned and operated business based in Perth, Western Australia taking pride in their brand and work ethic.


Our quality of work is top level with the right materials and experience team which is why our clients trust us to do the job right.


We don’t cut corners and we don’t give our customers unrealistic deadlines or expectations. We talk you through every step of the way.


We know how important timing is and getting the job done. We provide realistic deadlines and keep you updated every step of the way for a seamless service delivery.


All of work completed by Northshore Ceilings is covered by a full guarantee for peace of mind.


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